If you ask someone in the now infamous age group known as the millennials, about the likelihood of them buying a home, do you think you are going to receive a very positive response?

That would be a no, even for some people outside of the millennial age range, the perception on the home buying process is that it is far out of their reach. With student loan debts at an all time high, and the real estate market crash just shy of being a decade behind us, I don’t blame people for having this view, but being a real estate agent and having an understanding of how buying a home works, I would like to to dispel some of the fear you may have.

First off, fear is born through not knowing, of course if you are facing a black pit and people are telling you to take a step out and to just trust that there is a path there, you are going to be reluctant to follow their advice. So, maybe you don’t know if you could afford to buy a house or even how far away you are from being able to do so. The easiest way to find out is to simply ask questions. Do you know a real estate agent? (If you don’t I know one I could recommend :P) Give them a call and ask them about the process of buying a house, they can explain all of your steps, what the market is like, the advantages of homeownership, and they can recommend you some lenders, who will help you with the first step.

I would (and I know that most real estate agents would) recommend a local lender, someone who you can get in touch with easily and who can meet face-to-face and answer any questions you have. A lender can give you the facts of a loan and the costs of buying a home, they can show you loan options and advise you on the best one for you, and if you aren’t financially ready to buy a home they can give you credit repair advice and show you the best ways to boost your credit and give you a timeline with steps to get you ready for a loan.

And once you are ready to buy a house a real estate agent will start you on a home search and guide you through the journey, straight to the closing table, and ta-da! You are now a home owner.

See now you have an idea of the path that you would follow and the big dark pit isn’t as ominous, right? Ask questions! There are so many people willing to help you in the endeavor of buying a house, and want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Are there any questions you have that I could answer for you? Contact me today!

Written by: Destiny Cash